The Important Things You’ll Learn As A Dancer

The Truth
* You should be patient with yourself and not rush too much.
Even if you have to perfect a move in an instant, if you do not get it, rushing it won’t be such a good idea. Especially when you have to memorize the move, you won’t be able to completely absorb the step. Thus, you’d most likely incur mistakes in the next tries.
* You need to sacrifice some things.
Being devoted in a Dance Class would mean sacrificing some time and energy. You have other things to do as well, and a dancer should learn how to balance out their lives. If the dedicated dancers have to sacrifice a few hours every week for their dance, nothing will stop them.
* It’s alright to make mistakes.
It’s nothing but normal when you make mistakes as you dance. During practices, the dance teachers would want to make sure that you’re doing the right moves in every second of the song. You’ll most likely get called when you’re doing something wrong. It could either be embarrassing or alright in your part, but sometimes, you cannot help but feel bad. Remember that there will always be room for improvement and even if you make a mistake in the final show, continue the dance as if nothing happened.

* You would sometimes need a little push to bring out the best in you.
Ever tried having a dance teacher who seems to be fed up when you cannot keep up the pace? Sometimes, it can make a dancer break down. It can make them feel bad about themselves but there is a great reward once they’ve overcome such obstacle. Bringing in pressure can bring out your true potential. So instead of shying away to the seemingly difficult things, face it with a smile knowing that you can do it.


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